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Argan Hotel (Argania spinosa)
Sapotaceae family, its common names are the iron tree, the tree goats, Argan (Berber) and the argan tree.

The argan tree is a specifically Moroccan. Its geographical area covers 800 000 hectares in the greater region of Essaouira, Agadir overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The argan, thorny tree, evergreen, reaching a height of 6 to 10 meters is perfectly adapted to aridity. The leaves are small, lanceolate, persistent and tough. Flowering occurs in spring or fall depending on weather conditions. The hermaphrodite flowers are greenish-yellow color. The fruit is a drupe ovoid green. Maturation takes place from May to September. With its powerful root system, it maintains soil fertility by maintaining, protecting them from water and wind erosion desertification which threatens much of Morocco. All parts are used, wood for heating, leaves and nuts for goats. Argan tree is an endangered species: is cleared for intensive agriculture and the recovery of firewood. A decree dated 1925, protects the argan forest by establishing the principle of superior law of the State on the argan forest, but the usufruct (fruits, pastures, woods) is left to the local population. Following an exploitation that put in danger the forest, the forest has been classified Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. In 1999, UNESCO recognized and classified the argan as World Heritage. II is the second tree in the country, after the holm oak and cedar just before. It is a tree that can live 150 to 200 years. It grows in the wild and enabondance in arid and semi-arid Moroccan Southwest. The argan tree plays an irreplaceable role in the ecological balance and the preservation of biodiversity. With its strong root system, it contributes to the maintenance of soil and helps fight against wind and water erosion desertification which threatens much of the region.

Certified BIO
Our cosmetic and food argan oil is a product of excellent quality, carefully prepared according to the strictest standards of good manufacturing practice and is strictly controlled. Every step of production is certified by Organic Certification- QC & I.

Argan Oil
This oil has so many properties, you could almost call it a potion or magic elixir! Rich in Omega-6, sterols, polyphenols, vitamin E, natural peptides and antioxidants.

Widely used in traditional medicine for the skin. Its use is recounted in several books on medicinal plants. It is recommended as moisturizing oil for the face, hands and feet. It is also used as anti-wrinkle, against juvenile acne, against the peeling peau.Elle also used to nourish hair, prevent hair loss, keep their luster, but also as solar and oil for tanning by fishermen and Summer visitors to the region. The researchers' work and improved extraction technology argan oil gave a boost to this oil. It is currently used by major European and North American brands in cosmetics. Oil dřargan was ranked first among the top 10 cosmetic ingredients worldwide ( This dermo-cosmetic use was studied and the benefits verified by studies of Galenic Laboratories have developed different ranges of this oil-based products. It has been shown that argan oil corrects skin disorders, reduces transepidermal water loss, improves the condition of the skin by palliative activity of dry skin, especially with linoleic acid. The unsaponifiable fraction of the oil has particularly advantageous properties on improving metabolism of fibroblasts and therefore a favorable effect on lřélasticité skin. The high content of tocopherols in argan oil with anti-radical activity is lřorigine his property preventing wrinkles. The study also concerned enriched argan oil unsaponifiables that already exist there and then with the cake protein hydrolysates, it has shown very significant effects.